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Trustee Committee - Meets quarterly and as needed.

6 members:    Everett Tilton, Pres

​                       Rosita Friel, Trustee

​                       Belinda Kleeberger, Treasurer

                       Michelle St. Pierre, Friends of Library Chair



Trustees represent the 3 towns:  Buckfield, Hartford, & Sumner

We are currently looking for trustee from Hartford or Sumner  & a Trustee secretary- Please call 336-2171, if you would like to become a Zadoc Long Free, Trustee.

​Building Committee

6 members:   Vivianne Holmes

                      Everett Tilton

                      Bill Glass

                      Zach Williams

                      Michelle St. Pierre

                      Ann Varney

Our library is provides many services to our patrons.  In the future, we would like to provide even more services and resources.  However, our size does limit our ability to expand services and services.  The building committee is a strategic thinking group of individuals, who are looking into the future and exploring ways to provide a physical space, that will help us to stay relevant, many years into the future!

Friends Committee - Meets as needed to create & coordinate fundraisers and promote library objectives

​         We have only 2 members on our Friends Committee and are asking for more volunteers.  Please volunteer your time and expertise to this invaluable committee!  Call Zadoc Library at 336-2171, for a challenging and rewarding committee to be a part of.





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